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Affiliate Grand Slam Malta

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Affiliate Grand Slam Malta

Event Details

What is SiGMA Affiliates? Launched in 2016 by the SiGMA Group, SiGMA Affiliates hand picks between 100 and 300 affiliates for an all-inclusive three-night retreat in one exciting city.

Affiliates can apply online but only the ones with active gaming traffic are hand picked for such a retreat. In other words, the selection process boils down to merit.

Affiliate Grand Slam Malta

Those that make the final selection get to share their insights and build long-lasting relationships with fellow affiliates and a few operators.

Launched in 2016, SiGMA Affiliates has taken affiliates on tour across major cities, including: Bucharest, Kiev, Hong Kong, Tallinn, Dubai, Malta, New Jersey, Buenos Aires, and Manila. This exclusive gathering brings together a top tier group of affiliates for an unparalleled networking experience.

Are you an affiliate with good gaming traffic that converts? Join the SiGMA Affiliates community and mingle with fellow Spartans on an all-inclusive retreat.


november 13 (Monday) - 17 (Friday)


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