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EGR Italy Awards 2023

06novAll DayEGR Italy Awards 2023

EGR Italy Awards 2023

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The EGR Italy Awards recognise excellence in the Italian online gaming industry and are considered the premier gaming awards for companies operating in the region. Whether it is commercial success, game-changing innovation, leading customer service, or marketing prowess, these awards recognise the operators, affiliates and service providers that have stood out over the past 12 months in an extremely competitive market.

EGR Italy Awards 2023

The Awards are designed to showcase the breadth and depth of the market across 22 categories with the adjudication by a third party making the judging process the most stringent in the industry. This ensures that the judging process is completely transparent, and the winners clearly demonstrate the innovation and commercial success required to be rewarded with this honour.


All Day (Monday)


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