White Label Casino Solution

You’ve probably heard the term white label solution if you’ve been thinking about starting an online casino business. Top Casino Solutions has the scoop on this gaming platform, providing you with the essentials that you need to know. These include, how this type of platform works, the type of costs involved, the advantages and drawbacks of this solution, a few extra tips to keep in mind, and a list of the best providers of this solution.

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What is a White Label Casino Solution?

First and foremost, white labelling isn’t exclusive to the gambling industry. It is a common concept in the business world. Essentially, how it works is a company produces a product or service that they sell to other companies that then rebrand the product or service to make it appear as new and theirs.

In the iGaming industry, white labels are an online franchise that have become more common with the popularity of internet gambling. Experienced developers within the industry have set up a white label business option, which is a pre-made, pre-licensed, ready-to-go casino platform that includes all the functionalities and facilities needed for it to launch into operation.

This platform is then sold to third parties that will take the casino platform and rebrand it as their own so that it appears like a fresh new casino to the eyes of their visitors. Both parties take a cut of the resulting casino brand’s profits.

How Does the White Label Casino Platform Work?

Here’s a basic example of how a white label solution works.

  • You purchase the platform – A parent company (e.g. the brands TCS reviews) supplies their products and/or services to you (the start-up/third party) in a package, wholesale. This will cost an initial setup fee to acquire the use of the company’s technology.
  • You receive the essentials you need to launch a casino – The parent company provides you with everything that you need to implement the casino so that you can then rebrand it as your own. This may include all, less or more of the following:
    • License (e.g. MGA, Curacao eGaming, UKGC, etc.)
    • Web-hosting
    • Platform
    • Casino games (e.g. slots, card and table games, live casino games, etc.)
    • Financial infrastructure (e.g. payment processing system, fraud prevention, detection, etc.)
    • Unique logo
    • Consultation services
  • The platform provider takes care of the back end – the parent company takes care of all the behind the scenes (back end) technological and operational infrastructure. Depending on the deal, support and management may also be included, but this is not always the case.
  • You take care of the marketing – You are responsible for the majority of the front end aspects, such as marketing, branding and customer acquisition.
  • You receive a cut of the overall profits – You will receive some of the profits your business brings in, with the rest goes to the white label platform supplier.

White label solution in a nutshell.

What white label boils down to is that a start-up receives a low-cost finished product that can be launched successfully in a short period of time, while the supplier provides the full service and benefits from the continual flow of new clients, creating a win-win profitable venture for both parties.

Who is Most Likely to Benefit from a White Label Casino Platform?

This type of business endeavour is best suited to those who do not have a large initial capital and/or who don’t have the time or the patience to find, manage and deal with the various aspects of building an online casino from the ground up.

Launching a legal iGaming brand takes more than having deep pockets and making deals with software and payment companies. It also requires you to apply for a license(s) and adhere to a number of juridical regulations, which are in a constant state of flux as the industry evolves.

A white label solution may be right for you if you:

  • Are an entrepreneur
  • Are new to the iGaming industry
  • Do not have a lot of capital
  • Do not want to go through the hassle of applying for, purchasing or maintaining a license
  • Want to launch a business fast
  • Not interested in spending a lot of time managing and maintaining casino operation

White Label Casino Cost

The cost of this type of casino gaming platform does vary from company to company. The costs of a white label casino typically depend on the products and services included in the package.

To give you a general idea of the cost to launch one of these platforms, it’s not uncommon for these solutions to range anywhere from $15,000 to $50,000. Beyond the initial Startup costs, there may be other continual operation costs and/or service fees that may occur annually or more frequently, depending on the deal.

As previously mentioned, pricing varies from one company to the next. Therefore, the best way to find out exactly what costs you can anticipate in regard to initial investments and beyond, is to contact the company that interests you directly to find out their ballpark figure.

With that said, launching a white label is still the cheapest option compared to launching a casino on your own.

White Label Casino Pros & Cons

There are both advantages of white label operation and disadvantages. Ultimately, Whether or not it will be the most ideal choice for you will depend on your personal business goals, how much experience you have in the industry, and how much you want to be in control of the casino’s development and operation.

With that said, as TCS does like to be open and honest, here’s a look at the most common pros and cons of white label:

White Label Advantages
White Label Advantages and Disadvantages
White Label Disadvantages

Minimum start-up capital

The initial setup cost and operation of a white label is cheaper than launching and operating a casino business from scratch.

Setup Costs Vary

The initial start-up costs may be lower than building your own business, but you aren’t likely to find a deal that is under $10,000.

Get a license without a hassle

You don’t have to go through the long and complex process of applying for a gambling license. You operate under the provider’s license. They’ve already taken care of the grunt work for you.

Restricted selection of products and services

The supplier controls which products and services (games, payments, additional software) are included in the white label platform. Even if they have other content available, you might not have access to it.

Payment processing

A good white label solution provider handles all aspects of payments and payment processing for you. This includes risk management, fraud prevention and fraud detection.

Marketing restrictions

You may be in control of marketing, but the provider may still require you to adhere to certain strategies and promotional restrictions.

Avoid a lot of operational overhead

The successful operation of an online casino requires many elements from casino games software, payments, licensing, back end, front end and beyond. A white label supplier takes care of many of these aspects for you, delivering smoother operation.

Limited rights

You never fully own your online casino business and you will accept your limited rights to it from the start. Moreover, not only will you only get a cut of the profits, but you will have to accept and implement any changes that the provider may make to its business model.

Quick setup and fast launch to market

Since white label platforms are pre-set and ready-to-go, setting up a brand and launching it often takes only a matter of weeks compared to the several months or a year that is the case with non white labels.

High Competition

Standing out from the crowd is essential for success in the iGaming marketplace. You can’t simply be like every other casino or your brand will sink before it has a chance to swim. It’s not enough to simply launch a legal casino. You need a clever marketing strategy.











Is White Label Right for You – Tips to Keep in Mind

Should you decide that a white label casino makes the most sense for you, here are a few tips to remember to make sure that this is truly the business path that you would like to pursue:

  • Setup fees do not come cheap – Even though it may be more cost-effective to start one of these casinos compared to building one from scratch, setup fees can still be tens of thousands of dollars. A casino is a business and businesses are expensive to own and operate, especially at the start.
  • Find out what services and products are included – Remember, not all white label platforms are created equal. Discover exactly what will be included in the package being offered. Do not assume that a certain service or product will be made available to you simply because it is advertised on the company’s site. Ask if you need clarification and don’t be afraid to negotiate if need be.
  • Make sure you know what your cut will be – As you know, you will only receive a percentage of the overall revenue that your white label business generates. Make sure you find out exactly what that percentage will be and what the terms and conditions are before you sign on the dotted line.
  • Limited licensing – Although your platform will come licensed, depending on the gambling authority from where this license was obtained, your brand may not be able to legally operate in certain jurisdictions. Make sure you know precisely what markets you can target as this can help you better build your brand.
  • You are in charge of marketing – The platform provider may take care of the behind the scenes operations, but you need to be prepared to market your casino. Make sure you have knowledge in: SEO and content marketing, casino promotions, SEM, and affiliate marketing.
  • Make sure you choose a legitimate provider – Not all companies who offer online casino products and services, white label or otherwise, can be trusted. Make sure you only do business with a legal and reputable company, including any of the brands TCS reviews.

Find the Ideal White Label Solution

If you’re seeking to grow your financial portfolio, a white label solution can be a potentially fantastic way to generate a lucrative income stream.

Now that you have a better idea of what white label solutions are all about, if you’d like to find the one that’s right for you, be sure to check out TCS reviews.

Through our detailed reviews, we’ll help you to discover the iGaming platform provider that can offer you the best options for your online casino business goals. Get started today!